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A Step Up for People with Motion Difficulties
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What Is The CLIMBER?

What Is The CLIMBER?

The CLIMBER is a world-first, revolutionary escalator for home use. The CLIMBER is designed to aid people who have trouble climbing or descending stairs, thus enabling them to preserve their quality of life by allowing them to continue living in the comfort of their beloved home. 

  • A full-scale prototype has been built and has been operating successfully for over two years. 

  • The CLIMBER was selected amongst hundreds of applicants from around the world by MassChallenge International, the global startup accelerator, to participate in its acceleration program and to join its global community of multinational businesses and innovators. 

  • A patent application has been filed in Israel and PCT in the U.S.

  • The CLIMBER was awarded the prestigious CE Marking, a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

  • The Climber received  a special development grant from the Israeli  Innovation  Authority and the Israeli social Security Funds.
  • A new model called Universal has been developed and is already on the market. This model is compact in size and comes with an attached railing and a folding chair as standard.
    סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'


It’s no secret that the world’s population is aging. According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 our planet will be home to over 1.4 billion people over the age of 60.

In most countries, over 90% of the senior population prefer to ‘age-in-place’ while residing in their own homes

13% of the adult population
suffer from a range of medical conditions,
that despite their ability to stand and walk, make it challenging for them to climb or descend stairs

The U.S. Ministry of Health indicates 
that 1 in 4 Americans age 60+
falls every year

A home staircase is considered one of the most dangerous places for an aging homeowner

A fall down the staircase,
especially at advanced ages, can impair
long-term functioning and force the injured person into a situation in which
he requires around-the-clock
assistance at a high cost and
tremendous discomfort


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Both safe and affordable, The Climber is a revolutionary escalator for both interior and exterior home use (for example home entrance stairways).

The Climber is distinguished by its simple assembly that does not require structural changes, in addition to its ease of operation and maintenance.

The Climber fits any staircase width, and is fully customized in terms of length or colors.

When the climber is installed, you can choose to climb or descend the stairs using or without The CLIMBER

The CLIMBER has been authorized to carry the European CE mark of safety and is operated by remote control.



Our preliminary target market for The CLIMBER is private homeowners who are able to stand and walk but find it difficult to use the stairs due to knee problems, heart conditions, muscle weakness, arthritis, etc.

A significant part of this group are seniors over the age of 65, while over 50% of this population suffers from difficulty when climbing stairs.
The current total global market for auxiliary products for home stair climbing and stairlifts is estimated at approximately $1.6 billion and expected to grow.

The projected growth rate of the industry is considered high (approx. 10% per year, for the coming years) for obvious reasons associated with increased longevity, willingness to adopt technological solutions and broadening the accessibility to the public.


In old subway stations, and even at many historical tourist sites, elevators and escalators cannot be installed due to technical or engineering-related factors. The CLIMBER, by being placed on existing stairs, without any need for demolition or construction work, is likely to become an ideal solution in addressing these challenges.

The Team

David Eisenman

Co Founder and CEO

  • A mechanical engineer (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 1979) with over 40 years of experience.
  • David held top level engineering positions at several leading technology companies in Israel.
  • He was chief engineer at Ortop, where he developed transportation aids for disabled people and athletes.
  • David designed and engineered ‘Sportop’ – an athletic wheelchair that helped the Israeli basketball team win the Paralympic games in 1985.
  • The climber  received  a special development grant from the Israeli  Innovation  Authority and the Israeli social Security Funds.

Orna Eisenman

Co Founder and CAO

  • A designer, graduating from Shenkar College (Ramat Gan) and an owner of a successful real estate agency in Haifa.
  • While at work Orna encountered numerous people that faced difficulties climbing stairs thus were forced to leave their homes and move to a one-level apartment. Facing a similar medical situation and as a true entrepreneur, she looked for a solution that would solve this problem for her and others.
  • She applied her own experience to assist David with the climber’s design



Address she’erit Hapleta 30, Haifa, Israel

Email climber.ltd@gmail.com

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